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2014-2015 Local Freight Development Plan

Year 10 Proposed Tasks

Tyne and Wear’s Local Freight Development Plan for 2011-21 is detailed in the third Local Transport Plan, available to view at

Each year, the Freight Partnership produces a Business Plan setting out how we will take forward our freight strategy over the next 12 months. The Business Plan for 2014/15 contains a number of tasks which are listed below

Task 1 Project Management
  • Organise quarterly Partnership meetings
  • Prepare and circulate agenda
  • Prepare power point (Develop a fresh new slide design)
  • Circulate minutes
  • Write monthly progress report
  • Attend monthly progress meetings to discuss task progress
  • On-going monitoring of tasks – budget and quality

Task 2 – Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)
· Continuation of Recruitment programme
  • Delivery of 20 workshops (10 workshops days) -
  • Management and administration of Programme (including support to participants and organisation of workshops)
  • Sponsorship for Workshops search
  • Procurement push – actively engage the local authorities to write this into Procurement contracts.
  • Extension of FORS into Coach fleets/Van operators/bus operators

Task 3 - Safe Urban Driving
· Plan six Safe Urban driving courses
· Organise six venues to hold the course
· Deliver classroom training
· Deliver cycle training

Task 4 - Individual Destination Maps
· Plan and visit 25 mapping locations
· Correct any changes to buildings, company names and contact details
  • Update the PDF maps with any amendments
  • Update website with latest version of maps

Other Maps
Area Master Map
· Consult with the five Local Authorities for any deviation from previous maps

Goods Vehicle Restrictions Map
· Consult with the five Local Authorities highways engineers for any changes in the restrictions
· Update database with any changes
· Refresh map
· Update website with the latest version of the map
Abnormal Roads Route Map
  • Consult with the five Local Authorities for any changes
  • Update map with any changes
  • Update website with latest version of the map

Task 5 - Interactive Maps
· Geo-code locations
· Update database

· Refresh web based mapping

Task 6 - Freight on Rail
  • Organise Bi-annual partner group meetings
  • Develop actions from the Partner Group to assist in mode shift
  • Maintain Multi Modal Carbon Calculator

Task 7 - Promoting the Partnership
  • Prepare an annual leaflet for distribution in March 2013
  • Set up a print run of 500 copies and distribute
  • Distribute the leaflets by post to the recipients on the updated circulation list held by the Partnership
  • Write and produce the Bi-annual e-newsletter
    • LTP team to translate to Polish and German
  • Issue press releases for pertinent events
  • A series of presentations to interested parties (other local authorities)
  • Submission for awards Year 10 – FORS to be the main focus
  • Work to integrate other authorities to be more involved to support with funding

Task 8 - Manage and Maintain Partnership
· Website design and maintenance
· Truck information points maintenance
· Monitoring of benefits

Task 9 - Smartphone Compatible Maps
· Develop the existing suite of maps to be compatible to download on Smart phones
· Consult how Leicester have achieved their system

· Consider how to promote the maps in a suitable format for mobile phones
Task 10 - Website Redesign
· Refresh the look of the website
· Design and implement new pages
· Consult with the Partnership on the new design

Task 11 - Rail Student Liaison
· Work with New-rail to provide a research programme for one of their MSc students
· Liaise with the Universities in Newcastle to offer support for their transport students by providing research subjects and advise

Task 12 - North East Freight Awards
  • Operator of the year award – in conjunction with FORS members
  • Driver of the year award

Task 13 - Cycle Logistics Study
· Undertake a feasibility study aimed at investigating cycle couriers at Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Sunderland.
· A questionnaire will be developed and 30 major retailers and organisations
· Contact by telephone to ascertain whether organisations currently use cycle couriers,
· What the barriers to uptake are and what measures could be introduced to encourage greater use.
· Research will also be conducted to ascertain the current state of the cycle courier market in Tyne and Wear and
· Determine its potential for transporting greater volumes of freight.
· Produce a report detailing the findings of the research on cargo couriers, and recommendations

Task 14 - Scoping for Intelligent Parking Bays
· Undertake preliminary work relating to intelligent loading bays
· Consult with retailers and operators to ascertain how they could be introduced
· Organise a specific workshop for the system to be promoted as a prelude to a full trial in Year 11