Freight Maps

Download pdf version of 2014 Regional Freight Map


How to use this map

  • Place the cursor over the box on the Overview Map and left click on the mouse to pan around the Tyne and Wear network.
  • To view a more detailed map of individual destinations select the destination name from the drop downlist under the Inset Maps section.

About this Map

  • The main map shows the designated road freight network for Tyne and Wear. It is expected that drivers will use this network to access freight destinations within Tyne and Wear, wherever possible.
  • The map also includes a series of more detailed inset maps because some of the key destinations lie away from the designated road freight network. Preferred routes are also identified to these destinations.
  • Bridge height and weight restrictions are shown for the identified freight network and for access roads around key destinations. It should be noted that there are many restrictions on other parts of the road network that are not represented.
  • The list of freight origins and destinations is not exhaustive. It focuses on industrial estates, employment parks and retail parks where multiple users will be involved. We welcome feedback from users of this map regarding additional locations which should be shown in subsequent editions.

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Comments and Feedback

We would welcome feedback on this map and suggestions of improvements that could be made to future editions. Please send your comments by email to


Every care has been take to prepare this map on the basis of the most accurate information available at the time. The Tyne and Wear Local Transport Plan team and the Freight Partnership disclaim all responsibility and accept no liability for any accident, loss or damage as a result of persons using this publication.