Multi-modal Carbon Calculator - Moving to Greener Logistics

Multi-modal Carbon Calculator - Moving to Greener Logistics Road, rail or water? – You can now make an informed choice!
 The Multi-modal Carbon Calculator offers a user-friendly website where you can compare and contrast different modes of transport and their associated carbon emissions. This tool will enable you to make informed choices for the movement of freight and help you decide whether you can switch movement of your goods to the most environmentally friendly mode.

This unique tool was originally developed by AECOM on behalf of the Haven Gateway Partnership and Babergh District Council, as part of the partners' strategic work within the European Union Dryport project and the East of England Ports. The North East Freight Partnership has aided the further development of the tool to include additional multi-modal facilities and has helped fund the inclusion of new improved functionality.

Adding a cost element into the Multi modal carbon calculator particularly in rail, is more complex than we originally thought, as there are a number of permutations that can dramatically affect the cost per mile of using rail freight. This is often associated with the type or volume of goods being transported. Factors such as the huge increase in the levy on transporting coal by rail results in a much higher cost per km than that for transporting containers for example, which means the tool would need to be fairly sophisticated to reflect these differing permutations.

Multi-modal Carbon Calculator