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7 November 2013

News Flash

Freight drivers get on their bikes

A group of freight drivers have exchanged drivers’ cabs for bicycles, as part of a Tyne and Wear Freight Partnership initiative to address the needs of vulnerable road users, such as cyclists.
Cyclists on a road
John Bourn, of the Tyne and Wear LTP Team, commented: “Accidents involving cyclists and goods vehicles have become a major source of concern in London and, as cycling levels rise in this region, it is important to avoid similar problems arising here.”

To help address these concerns, on September 3rd the Partnership organised an event attended by 14 drivers, involving a mixture of classroom-based learning and cycling proficiency training, helping drivers of goods vehicles to understand the perspective of cyclists.

Paul Davison of Aecom, who co-ordinated the event, commented: ”The overall consensus was that the course was very enjoyable and very informative. One of the drivers said he had not ridden a bike in 50 years but thoroughly enjoyed the tutoring.”

As well as events such as this, an online pack for use by operators is available on the Partnership’s website.

The Partnership would like to thank AG Barr plc for hosting the event.

6 November 2013

News Flash

Bam Nuttal Safety Event

Bam Nuttal held a Worldwide Safety day at Tottenham Court road on the 22nd October which we are showing flyer produced after the event. Based on yesterday’s feedback they are looking at running another event in the Spring with a greater input from the Met. The date is to be confirmed but it will be posted on the website when received. (See image below and click to download)

29 October 2013

News Flash

St Mary's Way, Sunderland access restrictions

  • The first major change affects access to Service Area E - West Street would occur around March 2014.
  • The following link, from the Council website may be useful. It shows weekly updates on the contractor's progress on the scheme, and an outline of their plans for the following week.

25 September 2013

News Flash

First four FORS Practitioners are recognised

The Tyne and Wear Freight Partnership is pressing ahead with its successful Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). 47 companies, operating over 3,000 vehicles in total, are now registered with the scheme.

At workshops on 5th and 19th September, the first four FORS Practitioners were recognised. These are freight managers whose companies are bronze-accredited FORS members and who have attended the entire suite of 9 workshops.

The photograph below shows (L-R) Stuart Smiles (Director, Alex Smiles Limited), Kevin Cobb (Transport Manager, Alex Smiles Limited) and Brendan Green (BAM Nuttall Limited) with their certificates, presented by John Bourn (Tyne and Wear Local Transport Plan Team).

David Myers (Health and Safety Manager, Ales Smiles) received his certificate at the 19th September workshop from Paul Davison (AECOM).

Tyne and Wear’s FORS scheme is being supported by Transport for London and also forms part of C-LIEGE, an Intelligent Energy Europe project promoting clean and energy efficient freight transport in European cities.

The sole responsibility for the content of this news item lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. Neither the EACI nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

29 July 2013

July Newsletter

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

The Partnership is now into its second year of delivering the FORS scheme in Tyne and Wear, aimed at businesses operating vans, lorries, coaches, buses, taxis and car fleets of all sizes. FORS offers impartial, independent advice and guidance to motivate operators to improve their lawfulness and environmental, social and economic performance. Bronze accreditation confirms that a company is compliant with the policies and procedures of the Operator’s Licence and also has policies in place that will help them work towards improved efficiency and performance.

Registrations to the scheme have already gained momentum. Registrations can be completed in five minutes at Nine companies in the area are now Bronze accredited. The Partnership would like to thank those companies for their hard work in achieving this prestigious award. This sets the standard that we would like other operators to aspire to.

FORS bronze assessments are fully funded by the Partnership and this will continue in programme year 2013-14. Pease apply as soon as possible to ensure you receive your audits at no cost to your organisation.

As FORS members you have access to a range of exclusive benefits and discounts that offer real competitive advantage. Full details of these benefits can be found on the FORS website (

A major benefit of FORS is the JAUPT certified workshops (DCPC). These will be delivered in ten seven-hour workshop sessions by accredited trainers. They will commence in July 2013 and continue through to the end of March 2014. Please go to to register your interest in attending the workshops which have attracted lots of positive feedback from operators who have already attended.

It is the aim of the Partnership to increase registrations to the scheme and this will be achieved by contacting eligible companies to discuss the options available to them and the benefits of joining the free scheme. For more information on the scheme please go to: Tyne and Wear FORS

Bronze accredited members will also be encouraged to progress to the Silver and Gold accreditation.

The Partnership will consult with local authorities to make FORS accreditation a contractual prerequisite in procurement systems, in line with practice in London. This will help businesses ensure that their suppliers are operating legally and as efficiently as possible.

Operators who deliver within or into the region and who are interested in taking advantage of this scheme, should visit or contact Paul Davison direct for further details. Don’t forget that audits and workshops are currently free!


The current suite of 25 maps hosted on the Partnership website are to be reviewed to maintain the accuracy of the information and locations displayed. A site visit will be carried out to ensure the accuracy of buildings and companies within each location.

The master area map will also be updated accordingly with the details gathered during the site visits. It is also the intention to review the abnormal loads route and highways restriction maps.

Rail Freight

The Rail Partner Group meets every six months with attendance still as strong as ever from organisations in the rail industry.

The latest meeting was held at Newcastle Civic Centre on 24th June 2013 where discussions included the latest opportunities for the Ashington Blyth and Tyne line, with Port of Blyth requiring additional freight paths and Northumberland County Council aspiring to introduce a passenger service from Ashington to Newcastle. There is to be detailed discussions with all the stakeholders to derive the best options and cost which benefits both passenger and freight transport.

A recent announcement from Northumberland County Council is available at:
Ashington Blyth and Tyne Line

The Partnership is still seeking to gather information on current and potential usage of rail freight in the region. A study carried out by the ORR will be published soon which will identify operators who use the differing modes of transport.

Impact of Longer Semi-trailers on Road Infrastructure

The DfT trial of longer semi-trailers is one year into a 10 year trial.

The Partnership will consult with the industry, trade associations and operators to understand the issues of access to delivery points and the impact on road and parking infrastructure.

It is known that the full allocation of 1,800 trailers has not been taken up and we will also discuss the reasons for the shortfall with the operators.

Safety of Vulnerable Road Users

The Partnership is producing a practical pack of information for transport operators and drivers to raise awareness of vulnerable road users and how to ensure safe operation whilst around them. The Operator pack will contain:
• Power Point presentations for senior managers to deliver to drivers on vulnerable road users
• A checklist on how to mount a vulnerable road user campaign
• Top tips for operators and drivers to follow
• A vehicle safety technology procurement guide

A pack for cyclists is also in development to hand out to the cycling trainers and cycling groups to ensure cyclists understand the issues involved when sharing the road with HGVs.

Impact of Longer Semi-trailers on Road Infrastructure

The DfT trial of longer semi-trailers is one year into a 10 year trial.

The Partnership will consult with the industry, trade associations and operators to understand the issues of access to delivery points and the impact on road and parking infrastructure.

It is known that the full allocation of 1,800 trailers has not been taken up and we will also discuss the reasons for the shortfall with the operators.

Multi-Model Carbon Calculator (MMCC)

The updated MMCC tool has been demonstrated at various events and meetings, resulting in some very positive feedback and comments. It is easy to register for the tool, which is free to use on the Tyne and Wear Freight Partnership website:

The MMCC database will be updated to maintain the accuracy of the 193 Port and Rail facilities listed across the UK. All facilities will be contacted to ensure the current details are correct and to feedback any changes.

Promoting the Partnership on Twitter

To be able to keep followers of the Tyne and Wear Partnership up to date and have instant information on the Partnership, we have set up a bespoke twitter account. All work undertaken by the Partnership, newsflashes and details of meetings, will be tweeted to promote the Partnership.

Simply follow: @TyneandWearFP

CILT ITS joint Maritime Event

An absorbing event was held on June 25th 2013 at Newcastle University’s Cassie Building. The day was well attended with speakers from Port of Tyne, PRB Associates, Hogia Systems, Commercial Boat Owners Association and Peel Ports.

A visit to the Port of Tyne was organised for the late afternoon. The delegates boarded a coach and were driven to the port where the Commercial Director of the port gave a commentary throughout the guided tour.


The C-LIEGE project is an exciting trans-European project that aims to showcase good practice and provide a helping hand for all European cities striving to deliver cleaner and more sustainable urban freight transport.

C-LIEGE stands for Clean Last mile transport and logistics management for smart and Efficient local Governments in Europe and is a 30-month project, starting in June 2011 and ending in December 2013. Following a detailed assessment of good practices from a range of European cities, the project aims to set out an integrated framework for energy efficient Urban Freight Transport (UFT) management and planning.

An innovative set of integrated solutions and “push-and-pull” demand-oriented measures are being tested and shared as part of pilot experiments at seven sites across Europe, including Newcastle. The other locations are Montana (Bulgaria), Szcezecin (Poland), Leicester (United Kingdom), Stuttgart (Germany), Hal-Tarxien (Malta) and the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

The Freight Partnership have given advice to Newcastle so they can outline to their European partners the best way to establish Freight Quality Partnerships in their own cities. We are also sharing details of our good practice initiatives, such as FORS.

For more details about C-LIEGE, please contact Newcastle’s Project Manager, Gary MacDonald at or call on 0191 277 8971.

Get Involved

The Partnership undertakes a variety of projects every year and if you would like to get involved with the Partnership or simply share your ideas, you are welcome to come along to the next meeting which is scheduled for 3rd September 2013 at Sunderland City Council, Civic Centre, Reception is at 10:00 for teas and coffees, with a 10:30 start.

For more information please contact Paul Davison by email on: or by Tel: 0191 224 6500.
Alternatively, you can contact John Bourn of the Tyne and Wear LTP Team by email at: or alternatively call John on Tel: 0191 277 8972.

The Partnership will be holding a further three quarterly meetings this programme year. They are scheduled for September 3rd 2013, December 4th 2013 and March 12th 2014

15 July 2013

News Flash

Signal is at 'go' for Railfreight group

A well-attended meeting of the Tyne and Wear Freight Partnership’s Rail Partner Group heard positive news about local plans to promote railfreight.

The meeting, held at Newcastle Civic Centre on 24th June, was informed that Northumberland County Council are progressing with ambitious plans to re-open the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne line to passenger services, improving links between south-east Northumberland and Tyne and Wear.

The Council has commissioned Network Rail to examine the best options for the scheme which, as well as providing new passenger services, will provide scope for increased freight demand at the Port of Blyth.

Presentation to rail meeting
AECOM Regional Director Geoff Clarke outlines details of current developments in the railfreight market

The Partnership’s Chair John Bourn, from the Tyne and Wear LTP Team, enthused: “There was a real feeling of excitement about the meeting as we heard of the various measures under way to develop the local railfreight market, helping the economy and improving the environment.”


The Rail Partner Group has been set up with the support of the C-LIEGE project, an Intelligent Energy Europe programme aimed at promoting energy efficient Urban Freight Transport.

The sole responsibility for the content of this news item lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. Neither the EACI nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

22 March 2013

News Flash

Tyne and Wear FORS

Over the year the number of operators registering onto the scheme has increased significantly. Assessments for the bronze standards have been carried out on 40% of FORS registered companies in Tyne and Wear (with a 100% pass rate) with another 40% scheduled to be assessed in March and April 2013-14.

Tyne and Wear FQP has now held a series of six workshops planned for this year, and the feedback from those companies attending has been very positive with some attending all of the workshops. Those attending the workshops, who own a vocational license, have been accredited three days of DCPC training and also increased their knowledge of policies and procedures.

It is the intention of the Partnership to increase the number of registrations in the next year of the action plan. Your company can be registered onto the FORS programme in 5 minutes by going to, clicking on the tab ‘Apply now’ where the company details can be input.

5 February 2013

News Flash

Road safety improvements on Byker Bank/Cut Bank

During the next year, Newcastle City Council is planning to carry out road safety improvements on Byker Bank/Cut Bank, the steep road leading from Shields Road Byker down to City Road. It is therefore considering the removal of this road from Newcastle’s designated freight network and is interested in hearing the views of any operator who may use this route.

If you have any comments or questions about the proposals, please contact Bali Rai in Newcastle’s Transport Strategy team as soon as possible at (telephone 0191 2778958).

Initial FORS Workshops are a success

The first of the free workshops held on January 31st was a great success and well attended. Other North East operators are encouraged to sign up to the Tyne and Wear Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) to enjoy the benefits offered through the scheme. The series of half day workshops are designed for Managers of transport operations and are Driver CPC accredited. Attending the suite of 9 workshops entitles the delegate to be a certified FORS Practitioner.

For further information and to register please visit

The Tyne and Wear Freight Partnership would like to thank Nick Caesari and David Somers for their support in sponsoring the workshops..
David Somers of Road Skills
Nick Caesari of Fleet Source

‘Tyne and Wear’s FORS scheme is being supported by Transport for London and also forms part of the C-LIEGE scheme, an Intelligent Energy Europe project promoting clean and energy efficient freight transport in European cities’.

Disclaimer: The sole responsibility for the content of these notes lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. Neither the EACI nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

4 February 2013

News Flash

CHANGE OF VENUE: FORS Workshops 5 and 6 - Post-collision procedures and analysis; Safe and efficient fleet management - March 14th 2013

The venue for these forthcoming workshops has been changed to:

Mansion house, Fernwood Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE2 1TJ

CANCELLED: Smart Fusion Workshop - February 7th 2013

Please note that this event has been cancelled - apologies for any inconvenience.

24 January 2013

News Flash

Changes to NO-Car lanes in Newcastle

Newcastle City Council is currently investigating the conversion of a number of priority lanes and restrictions, particularly No-Car lanes and No-Car restrictions, to Bus Lanes and bus access point restrictions, in line with practice in other cities.

The introduction of Bus Lanes would result in the exemption classifications being redefined to only exempt Buses, Cyclists, Taxis (Private Hire / Hackney) and Motorcycles. This means that goods vehicles, including HGVs and lighter service vehicles, would no longer be entitled to utilise the designated, defined and marked sections of certain roads.

The roads concerned are:

  • Barrack Road;
  • Barras Bridge;
  • Byker Bridge;
  • Coast Road Slip Road at Chillingham Road;
  • Gallowgate;
  • Grainger Street;
  • Great North Road (sections between Barras Bridge and Gosforth Park);
  • the High Level Bridge;
  • John Dobson Street;
  • Market Street;
  • Neville Street;
  • New Bridge Street;
  • New Bridge Street West;
  • Newgate Street;
  • the North West Radial;
  • Percy Street;
  • Pilgrim Street;
  • Sandyford Road;
  • Scotswood Road;
  • Shields Road West;
  • St. Marys Place,
  • Tyne Bridge Slip Roads;
  • the un-named slip road between Westgate Road and Neville Street;
  • Westgate Road;
  • Westmorland Road
  • West Road.
Further details are in the consultation letter including where to send comments. The deadline for responses is 15th February.

11 January 2013

News Flash

Freight Partnership Questionnaire

The Tyne and Wear Freight Partnership are conducting a monitoring exercise to determine the benefits of the Partnership; the Freight Partnership Questionnaire is one element of this. The questionnaire is designed to capture the viewpoint of Local Authorities, the Highways Agency, industry representatives and freight operators, with regards to the work undertaken by the Partnership. Given the range of work and activities facilitated by the Partnership it is important to conduct this review in order to ensure that the Partnership is ultimately tailored to the needs of its users and benefits members.

The link below will take you to the Partnership Questionnaire which has been designed to capture the viewpoint of users. It is important that we get a good response rate – particularly as the results are likely to influence the future direction of the Partnership. Simply follow the link or type it into your internet browser to complete the survey; it should take no longer than 10 minutes. Your responses will be automatically recorded once you have pressed the submit button.

Survey Location – use the following link to access the survey:

The results of the survey will be analysed and will contribute to a Partnership Monitoring report; the details of which will be circulated to members. All individual survey responses will be treated confidentially and no information we receive will be passed onto any third party (or similar).

FORS Workshops

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) would like to offer you a unique opportunity to attend a series of workshops aimed at operators in the Tyne and Wear area. The workshops are fully funded and will give you a taste of what FORS is all about and how it can be of benefit to you. The first two in the workshop series run on 31st January and are detailed below. We hope to see you there. FORS workshops are now Driver CPC accredited. This will give operators the opportunity to receive 7 hours Driver CPC training by attending both these FORS workshops on the same day.

For more details or to register for a workshop please use see the FORS events page on eventbrite

If you are attending a Driver CPC course and would like to be registered to the DSA website, you must bring both parts of your driving licence on the day and the upload fee of £8.75 in cash