Rail Freight Grants

There are grants available to encourage and support use of rail for transporting goods.

In England the Freight Grants Team can be contacted as follows:
Department for Transport,
Zone 3/26-3/28,
Great Minster House,
33 Horseferry Road,
Tel: 020 7944 6848

Website: Freight grants

Shift Revenue Support scheme
MSRS has been approved by the European Commission to operate until 31 March 2020. “The MSRS assists companies with the operating costs associated with running rail or inland water freight transport instead of road, where rail or inland waterway transport is more expensive. It is designed to facilitate and support modal shift, generating environmental and wider social benefits from reduced lorry journeys on Britain’s roads. The scheme operates in two parts:
  • MSRS (Intermodal) for the purchase of intermodal container movements by rail; and
  • MSRS (Bulk and Waterways) for the purchase of other freight traffic movements by rail and all movements by inland waterway.
What is MSRS (Intermodal)?
“MSRS (Intermodal) is designed to support the movement of intermodal containers by rail in Great Britain. The scheme provides continued support for the sustainable deep-sea, short-sea and domestic intermodal container business that moves by rail. ….”

What traffic is eligible?
“MSRS (Intermodal) is available to all traffic carried in standard intermodal units (containers, swapbodies or piggyback trailers)” (…on public railway infrastructure – the terms and exclusions are defined by the DfT) “Examples of services eligible for MSRS (Intermodal) grant are:
  • A service conveying deep-sea containers from a port to customers in an inland city.
  • A service conveying supermarket products in containers between two distribution depots within Great Britain.”
What traffic is ineligible?
MSRS (Intermodal) is not available for the following traffic types:
  • Movement by rail of non-intermodal traffic;
  • Movement of bulk commodities in full or part trainload services where the party has chosen to use an intermodal unit; and
  • Any movement of traffic by inland waterways.
These extracts taken from Guide to Mode Shift Revenue Support (MSRS) Scheme, published by the Department for Transport, 2015

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