Rail Freight

Download the 2010 rail freight review report here


This section provides details of the work the Partnership has been doing to encourage rail freight usage in Tyne and Wear and contains useful tools for transport operators to make decisions regarding modal choice.

  • The about section details the purpose of the rail freight partner group and provides information about meetingsChoosing and Developing a Multi-modal Transport Solution held by the group.
  • The Multi-modal Carbon Calculator allows transport operators considering modal switch to view details of open rail terminals, rail connected ports, sea ports and river ports and their various handling capabilities. The map also allows users to plot journeys to and from a specific origin to a specific destination and the map will plot routes via rail, road or sea and provide details including cost, time and CO2 emissions to which option would be the most effective method of transporting their goods.
  • The minutes page provides the minutes of the past Rail Freight Partner group meetings
  • The contacts page provides details of Rail freight providers and their contact details
  • You can view multi-model publications and case studies here 'Multi-Model Publications'.
  • There is also a link to the Department for Transport’s guide 'Choosing and Developing a Multi-modal Transport Solution'.
  • Here is a link to Network Rails' 'Freight Site Opportunities page'

About the Partner Group

A key task of the Partnership was to explore opportunities to improve the use of rail freight and identify areas for infrastructural regeneration, upgrade or construction. This all works towards meeting the over-arching sustainable modes of transport aims set out in DaSTS and as result the LTP3.

In 2009 the Partnership developed the ‘Rail Freight Review’ and based upon conclusions and recommendations from this report the Partnership successfully brought together rail industry organisations to plan a way forward to increase opportunities for use of rail freight in the North East, more specifically Tyne and Wear

The Rail Partner Group meets biannually to discuss issues that affect the North East of England. We hold meetings at interesting venues across the region and are always looking for external speakers and relevant topics. Please get in touch if you are interested in attending or think you can contribute. See the home page for details of the next meeting.