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31 March 2015

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The Butterwell Report

Harworth Estates, the owners of Butterwell Disposal Point, intend to put forward the following major rail-associated proposals as part of the ‘Butterwell’ surface mine restoration scheme.

The Butterwell Disposal Point to remain in place as a long term strategic commercial rail-connected facility, the facility to be further enhanced with the introduction of additional land for future rail-associated use. This additional land would be created during the restoration of Butterwell surface mine and would offer a rail-connected facility with a total site area of 20 hectares. It also involves the full reinstatement of Harworth Estates’ privately-owned ‘Ashington to Butterwell’ railway line which runs via New Moor, Potland, and Linton Lane. This line runs through Butterwell Disposal Point.

The document discusses the proposals in more detail. You can download the document here

News Flash

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