North East Freight Partnership Reports

minutes of meetings

Following are a number of key reports which have been produced by the Freight Partnership.

North East Freight Partnership Brexit Report (February 2019)

Investigation into how Brexit may impact on how freight is transported in the region and potential mitigation. The North East Freight Partnership is supported by the North East Combined Authority and the North of Tyne Combined Authority
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North East Freight Partnership Leaflet (January 2010)

This leaflet sets out the aims of the Partnership and provides background information on how it was set up in 2005. The leaflet then outlines the work carried out with respect to mapping, signage, lorry parking and rail freight. The communication strategy, including application of the website, and consultation with operators, is also explained.
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Loading and Unloading Arrangements (December 2010)

Effective loading and unloading arrangements are important for the efficient movement of freight. Parking problems for goods vehicles can be encountered, particularly when there are enforcement issues. The findings of the study are documented in the report, circulated at the Partnership meeting.
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Operator Face-to-Face Interviews Report (June 2008)

The Partnership has carried out a series of face-to-face interviews with operators to review the work of the Partnership and inform future activity.
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Driver Rest Facilities Audit (April 2007)

The shortage of lorry parking and the issues associated with it are of national significance. The Department for Transport (DfT) Local Authority Freight Management Guide encourages local authorities to address the issues and progress actions targeted at improving provision. The purpose of the audit was to provide an up-to-date baseline position in relation to the adequacy of lorry parking provision in Tyne and Wear in order to inform future policy. Importantly, the audit took account of the impact of the closure of the NT Newcastle Truckstop, Birtley in January 2007 and provided a ‘before’ and ‘after’ position.
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Rail Freight (April 2007)

The purpose of this report is to outline the current position with respect to rail freight in Tyne and Wear in order to provide a context for assessing the potential for increasing the volume of rail freight moved in the conurbation.
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Engaging with Freight – The North East Freight Partnership (July 2007)

This paper was prepared for the Transport Practitioners Meeting at the University of Manchester in July 2007. It outlines the policy context to the work, before setting out the process of establishing and developing the Freight Partnership. The work undertaken on providing routing information is explained, including the production of a freight map for Tyne and Wear and detailed tailored maps for individual destinations. Reviews of signage with respect to freight are then discussed along with the progression/implementation of the recommendations. The paper continues to look at the review of priority lanes in Tyne and Wear, the provision of lorry parking, assessment of rail freight and the communication techniques used by the Partnership.
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Nature of Freight in Tyne and Wear (December 2004)

In 2004 a study was carried out to investigate the nature of freight in the area. The aim of this project was to provide a solid foundation for the development of a realistic and deliverable freight strategy to improve the efficiency, economy, safety and sustainability of local freight movement.
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